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Objective 1

Promote a Human Rights framework in response of trans women’s health, including HIV Rationale: Very often, responses to HIV are solely based on a test and treat approach, which in itself has the potential to violate Human Rights. It must be borne in mind that trans women are human beings,

Objective 2

Ensure public health responses meet the needs of trans women at risk for or living with HIV Rationale: It is important to recognize that this collective is comprised of individuals and organization working is varied contexts. These organizations work in different public health systems that are influenced by varied social,

Objective 3

Assure equitable access to and distribution of resources Rationale: In recent years, transgender advocates and their allies have had success in increasing funding for trans work. However, in early 2014, The Global Action for Trans* Equality (GATE) and American Jewish World Service (AJWS) published a study of 340 trans and

Objective 4

Promote a multi-disciplinary trans-led and trans-specific research agenda Rationale: Epidemiologic, administrative, and community-collected data regarding trans people remain concentrated in a small number of countries and regions in the Global North. High-quality data are particularly lacking: sampling bias, inadequate or invalid ascertainment of transgender status, and conflating of trans people

Objective 5

Promote intersectionality of trans women’s issues with other groups Rationale: Trans women experiences must be understood in intersectionalities that shape our social, legal and political realities. It is important to recognize how gender identity, sexuality, social discrimination, homophobia, policies and human rights abuses shape our access to health services and

Objective 6

Empower and build capacity of trans women and trans organizations Rationale: Trans women and trans organizations have not received the needed support to fully carry their work. In many instances, transgender organizations operate with limited funding, weak organizational structures, and overworked staff. It is crucial to empower and build capacity

Objective 7

Host the Trans Pre-Conference at IAC every two years Rationale: Trans women and trans organizations have been practically invisible at the International AIDS Conferences and pre conferences since the first conference was held in… The MSMGF has been a great partner in including transgender issues and limited sessions in its